RC4600 Integrated Flyaway Controller

for Sat-Lite Technologies Motorized Flyaway Antennas

The Sat‐Lite Technologies RC4600 Antenna Controller is a fully weatherized unit that is preintegrated with the Antenna System. The unit can be supplied with GPS, Compass, and DVB receiver to provide accurate position and antenna heading information. Optional Beacon Receiver, Spectrum Analyzer, and multiple user interfaces are available. Graphs below show real time tracking performance on a beacon vs. varying wind load. The first graph shows performance without the aid of servo control. The second graph shows the performance on the beacon with the servo functioning and significant wind load applied. Contact Sat‐Lite for more info.

  • High Performance Outdoor Mounted Antenna Controller for Sat‐Lite Flyaway Antennas
  • High Resolution Position Sensors – 16 Bit or Higher depending on configuration required
  • 64 Hz Position Servo – PID Servo recalculates and corrects position error on two axes each cycle.
  • GUI Ethernet Web Browser Interface with optional handheld remote
  • Integrated L Band Beacon Receiver Option for tracking modulated beacons
  • User Programmable DVB‐S/S2 Receiver for Positive Satellite ID
  • Fully Enclosed and Weatherized Enclosures Mounted on Antenna
  • GPS / Compass Options for Auto Acquisition
  • Inclined Orbit Tracking / Steptrack/ Memory Track /TLE Tracking
  • L Band Spectrum Analyzer Option

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