RC4100 Integrated Flyaway Controller

Sat‐Lite Technologies Motorized Flyaway Antenna

The Sat-Lite Technologies Flyaway Antenna Controller is a fully weatherized unit that is pre-integrated and can be quickly mounted on the Antenna. The unit comes with a GPS and Compass to provide accurate position and antenna heading information. The control unit deploys the antenna to an accurate elevation and polarization angle and sweeps in azimuth to locate a satellite. The onboard DVB receiver locks on the satellite and positively identifies it. Accurate look angles can then be used to peak on a desired satellite longitude.

  • Outdoor Mounted Antenna Controller
  • Simple GUI Ethernet Interface
  • Automatic Pointing Solution
  • Programmable DVB-S1/S2 Receiver with up to 5 Satellite Signposts for Positive Satellite ID
  • Fully Enclosed and Weatherized
  • GPS / Single Axis Compass for Auto Acquisition
  • One Button Auto Locate Features

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