828/838 Avion Class Antenna

80 cm  Manual and Motorized Flyaway Antennas

The Sat-Lite Technologies Model 828 and 838 Avion manual and motorized flyaway antennas are highly portable and designed to meet IATA weight and dimension requirements for checked baggage on airlines. The antenna will pack in 1 transit case or backpack. It features a unique 6 piece segmented carbon fiber composite reflector designed for unmatched performance. Assembly time for either antenna is less than 10 minutes. The elevation-over-azimuth pedestal provides excellent stiffness characteristics and convenience for the user when pointing and peaking on a satellite.

In addition, the antenna is designed to meet international performance specifications for multiple applications. Multiple feed and packaging configurations can be supplied for a specific requirement that include low and high power amplifier configurations for each frequency band.

  • Ships in 1 Ruggedized All Weather IATA Compliant Case or 1 Manpack
  • Intelsat and Eutelsat Compliant
  • Multi-Band Capable
  • 6 Piece Segmented Carbon Fiber Precision Reflector
  • Compact Pedestal featuring easy point and peak control
  • High Gain / Low Cross Pol Design
  • Multiple Integration Options
  • Excellent Reliability with Minimal Maintenance

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High-Bandwidth Broadcast, Emergency, Disaster Recovery, and Homeland Security

Sat-Lite Flyaway SNG antennas provide high-bandwidth connectivity solutions for a wide variety of up-linking applications. Like the vehicle mount solutions, Sat-Lite Technologies offers a host of flyaway antenna products that can be shipped anywhere and provide reliable high-power capability in a lightweight modular package. Sat-Lite flyaway antennas offer the most portable and dependable solutions for remote communications needs. The antennas and available controller options are preconfigured to operate with various amplifier and modem combinations.

Typical users may include the following:

  • Federal and State emergency responders
  • Homeland Security
  • FEMA
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • IP Based Communications
  • Broadcast SNG
  • Event Broadcasting
  • Critical Up-Linking / Redundancy
  • Tactical Operation Support

Whatever the industry, Sat-Lite can deliver a high performance flyaway antenna for reliable communication solutions.

RC300 Flyaway Companion

Satellite Acquisition Tool for Non-Motorized Antennas

The Sat-Lite RC300 Flyaway Companion couples the functionality of a motorized auto-locate antenna with the simplicity, reliability, and cost of a non- motorized antenna. The RC300 mounts directly to the antenna and contains a built in compass, inclinometer, GPS antenna, and DVB receiver. A simple web browser is all that is needed to interface with the RC300. The web browser interface offers an intuitive cock-pit style display that looks like a fully motorized system without the motors. The RC300 provides the user with actual antenna look angles as well as target look angles for the selected satellite. The user can easily and accurately position the antenna to the target look angles. Once the antenna is positioned properly, a lock status and signal strength are provided by the built in DVB receiver. The DVB receiver is easily programmed through the web browser for a host of DVB carriers available on multiple satellites of interest. The RC300 also has options to interface directly with a modem or provide a full spectrum analyzer display on the web browser. A Sat-Lite Flyaway Antenna with RC300 Flyaway Companion offers a reliable low cost alternative to a fully motorized auto acquire system without the need for a highly trained operator.

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Manual, Motorized

Reflector Size

80 cm